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Licorice $10.96 Lb.

We offer 30 types of licorice available in bulk quantities. Mix or match black or red licorice flavors for only $10.48 lb. Our most popular licorice is Kookaburra from Australia. A few favorites are Salt licorice from Holland, Allsorts from England and anise flavored soft bears.

We also have licorice twists packaged in a variety of flavors that include green apple, blueberry, pina colada and many more. Homemade chocolate dipped twizzlers are among the favorites. Licorice lovers truly act like kids in our candy store.

Our Types:

Dutch Griotten Cubes

English Allsorts

German Haribo Wheels (Red and Black)

German Scotties (Red and Black)**

Holland Beehive Honey

Australian Kookabura Twists (Red and Black)**

Lauriedrop: Touch of Italy

Holland Sweet Buttons

Holland Farm Salt

Holland Licorice Caramels (Mint and Original)

Holland Money Salt

Finland Finnska Soft**

Good & Plenty

Holland Salmiak Rock Drops

Holland Platinum Sweet Drops

Licorice Snaps

Holland Medium Salt Diamonds

Holland Sea Salt Licorice

Holland Licorice Chalk

Licorice Pastels

Holland Soft Drops

Holland Double Salt

Holland Licorice Cats

Anise Bears

Irish Licorice Toffee

** Indicates Best Seller

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